Fine blanking die technology products and technology focus

1, complex parts of continuous precision die design and manufacture of key technologies

  Continuous fine blanking parts of complex parts is the forefront of precision blanking technology, as a leader to start the study, hoping to drive China's entire fine blanking technology increased dramatically. With the synchronous gear ring, the clutch plate and the longitudinal composite continuous fine blanking process and the mold and other complex parts continuous fine blanking as a breakthrough to study the fine blanking die design and manufacture of key technologies to achieve rapid improvement of China's fine blanking die technology, as soon as possible to shorten and advanced The gap between countries. The company is located in:

  2, fine blanking die life improvement and related key technologies

  Die life is a comprehensive reflection of the mold material, small arts and related products to fine blanking die life as a key technical research, both to solve the current domestic demand for fine die life is too low, but also can drive the mold material, fine red Technology and supporting tooling and other ancillary products, technological development.

  3, fine red - precision forging composite technology research and development

  Fine blanking and precision blanking are two advanced manufacturing technologies that are developed in parallel. The blanking parts are too thick and need to be forged. Forging parts too thin must be fine blanked. The two are interrelated and closely related. Development of precision forging - The basic idea of the fine blanking composite process is to find the combination of the two processes (such as gear parts with wheels and cam parts with short axes), while the precision forging in our country has a long history and the level is already very high , But in order to improve the overall level of fine blanking technology is a very good way.

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