Mold and stamping stability and its influencing factors

What is stability? Stability is divided into process stability and production stability. Process stability refers to the production process to meet the stability of qualified products; production stability refers to the production process has the stability of the production capacity.

As the domestic mold manufacturing enterprises are mostly small and medium enterprises, but a considerable part of these enterprises still remain in the traditional workshop-style production management stage, often neglected the stability of the mold, resulting in mold development cycle is long, the problem of high manufacturing costs, serious Restricted the pace of development of enterprises.

Let us look at the main factors that affect the stability of the mold and stamping forming, namely: the use of mold materials; mold structure strength requirements; stability of the performance of stamping materials; material thickness fluctuations; material range of variation ; Stretching bar resistance size; blank holder force variation range; choice of lubricant.

To make a summary, in order to solve the problem of mold stability, the need to strictly control from the following aspects:

① in the process of formulation stage, through the analysis of products, predict the product may be produced in the defects, so as to formulate a stable manufacturing process;

② the implementation of standardized production processes, standardization of production processes;

③ establish a database, and continue to optimize its summary; with CAE analysis software system, come to the most optimized solution.

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