Precision molds for high-speed precision stamping die manufacturing technology

In recent years, the rapid development of national precision instruments industry, and precision molds are used in these precision instruments to the automotive, electronic products, machinery, molds and so on, of which, in the medical machinery, automotive, aerospace and other fields more developed relatively strong. However, these precision molds difficult processing technology, high precision process requirements, added value increases with the processing chain and increased profitability and so on. Multi-station progressive die production requirements have some characteristics: coordination difficult, high working hours, long cycle, long life, high dimensional stability, high wear resistance, high strength, high hardness and so on the three key components

In the face of these problems, we should introduce some high-precision cutting machine tools, change the thickness and eliminate the adverse effects. Compare the workpieces, standard processes and double-wire processes to reduce the roughness of some of the process surfaces to achieve high precision and high quality Efficient precision machining benefits.

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